MIA Budget

Account Summaries of the Marxists Internet Archive


Year Beginning

Our 2010 ending bank balance of US$2563.98, plus a Paypal Balance of $312, means that -assuming that mailing costs remain at roughly $400, and taking into account fixed expenses such as ISP and bank fees ($2400 and $132 per annum, respectively), as well as barring any other charges and unforeseen events- we conservatively have sufficient funds to securely cover 6 to 8 months of MIA operations.   Thanks to donations we are in a financially stronger position at the start of 2011 than in previous years.


Year End

Our 2011 total income was of US$2889.54 and our spending, US$3219.38.   That left us a year-ending bank balance was of US$2234.14, only slightly behind our beginning balance.