How to Search for
Information on the CD

Windows: Click on the Start Menu, and select “Find.” A menu with more choices will appear to the side – select “Files or Folders....” Then a window will open that says “Find: All Files.” Click the button at the bottom of the window that says “Browse.” A new window will pop-up that asks you to browse for a folder – click on your D: drive (where the CD is located), and navigate through the CD and select the folder you want to search. Finally, in the box where it says “Containing Text:,” type the quote, phrase, or word you are searching for. When done, click the button “Find Now,” and after a while of searching a series of results will appear with files containing that text.

Macintosh: Open the “Sherlock” application in your Applications folder. You will see the CD in a list that also contains your hard drive. Click the box next to the CD, then simply click the button that says “Contents.” Type in the quote, phrase, or word you are searching for, and click the search button. If you are using OS 10.2 or later, you need to select “Find” in the file menu, then add the “content” criteria to your search.