Marxists Internet Archive on 500 GB USB 3.0 Hard Drive! Support the MIA

MIA on Flash Drive
(photo shows generic drive; actual style may vary)

U.S. orders: $85.80
($80 + $5.80 shipping)

Outside U.S:  $96.00
($80 + $16 shipping)

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE: In addition the over 201 GB of files from the MIA, we've included on this 500 GB HD over 230 GB of high resolution files from our collaborator, the Riazanov Library Project (RLP). The RLP has been a very close partner with the English language section of the MIA in the digitization of many of the early early publications of the US socialist and revolutionary movement, including, but not limted to, the Daily Worker, The Toiler, Fourth International, The Militant and many other American left journals. While the MIA has used these scans for online viewing, the RLP files are almost all high resolution versions of these same publications, suitable for printing and archival preservation.

Need more incentive? Read the story of Roza Javan entitled "With the Hard Disk Full of Socialism." (external link)