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January 2017

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14 January 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Jim Wolfreys: France in revolt – 1995–2005 (2006) (No. 2:109)
Abdellali Hajjat: The riots did not take place in a ‘political desert’ (2006) (No. 2:109)
Dossier – Reform and revolution in Venezuela (2006) (No. 2:109)
Marta Harnecker: In the laboratory of the revolution (interview) (2006) (No. 2:109)
José Vincente Rangel: A view from the top (interview) (2006) (No. 2:109)
Venezuela: A glossary of terms (2006) (No. 2:109)
Stalin Perez Borges: The Party of Revolution and Socialism (interview) (2006)(No. 2:109)
Miguel Angel Hernandez & Emilio Bastidas: Socialism for the 21st century and the Latin American revolution (2006) (No. 2:109)
Manifesto of the popular organisations (2006) (No. 2:109)
Haifa Zangana & Sami Ramadan: Resistance and sectarianism in Iraq (interview) (2006) (No. 2:109)
Chris Nineham: Anti-capitalism, social forums and the return of politics (2006)(No. 2:109)
Roberto Robaina: Gramsci and revolution: a necessary clarification (2006) (No. 2:109)
Joseph Choonara: Empire built on shifting sand (2006) (No. 2:109)
Owen Miller: North Korea’s hidden history (2006) (No. 2:109)
Talat Ahmed: Rigour against communal dogma (book review) (2006) (No. 2:109)
Angie Gago: Contested paths (book review) (2006) (No. 2:109)
John Parrington: Brain food (book review) (2006) (No. 2:109)
Leo Panitch & Sam Gindin: ‘Imperialism and global political economy’ – a reply to Alex Callinicos (2006) (No. 2:109)
Mark Thomas: Transport and climate change – a reply to James Woodcock (2006) (No. 2:109)
Neil Faulkner: Crusade and jihad in the medieval Middle East (book review) (2006) (No. 2:109)
Neil Davidson: There’s no place like America today (book review) (2006) (No. 2:109)
Mike Haynes: Taking precautions (book review) (2006) (No. 2:109)
Neil Davidson: Scotland: almost afraid to know itself? (book review) (2006) (No. 2:109)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


13 January 2017: Added to the Socialist Outlook newspaper archive (1949-1954) in the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line's Listing of Trotskyist Periodicals & Journals are 79 issues of the newspaper of this Trotskyist influenced newspaper that reflected the views of the British Labour Party left in that period.
[Thanks to the Riazanov Library Project which scanned the hard copies donated by the Holt Labor Library in San Francisco, CA. Additionally, most of the pre-1952 editions were provided by the Red Mole Rising Project.]


13 January 2017: Added to the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Proletarian Internationalism or Revisionism: Analysis of October 27 Rally in Support of Puerto Rican Liberation Struggle


13 January 2017: Added to the Canadian Party of Labour Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Memories of Building the UAW J.S. Napier
Steel Strike, Hamilton, 1946 Ken Stone
[Thanks to the EROL team]


13 January 2017: Added to the Alive[Canadian anti-Imperialist culture magazine] Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Waitress, My Hot Pecan Pie Is Cold by George Steffler
Sea of People's War Drowns Vietnamese Aggressors
An Historical Overview of the China-Viet Nam Conflict
Albania’s Incorrect Line Exposed
LPR (M-L) Rectification
Struggle in New Zealand Develops
Now Globe Defends Bainzites
Native Struggles in Canada
Socialist China Repulses Soviet-Instigated Attack
Excerpts from a letter to Alive from an ex-member of the CLM, Toronto
Excerpts from a letter to Alive from Milton Acorn
Tian An Men Incident: A Completely Revolutionary Action
Excerpts from the Question and Answer Period
Response to Section 4, Alive 125: “Edward Pickersgill Had No Grasp Of Revolutionary Ideology” Cathy Lauzon
Letter to Alive from Cathy Lauzon
Answering Cathy Lauzon Alive #143, July 14, 1979
Unity for Revolution Mao Zedong Thought and Our Revolutionary Work
Try, Fail, Try Again, Fail Again, Attacks on Alive Continue
Always Emulate Norman Bethune
Worldwide Struggle for Unity
A Brief History of The Great Polemic Between the Communist Parties of China & Soviet Union
Joseph Stalin: A Teacher from the Working Class
Summing Up Our Revolutionary Development and Looking Towards 1980
Past Lessons, Future Directions
An Excerpt from the Question and Answer Period, January 1, 1980
An Excerpt from the Question and Answer Period, February 8, 1980
Guelph’s Own Revisionists
Guelph Maoists – A Critical Examination
An Interview with a Distinguished Counter-revolutionary
[Thanks to the EROL team]


13 January, 2017: Added to the Edgar Hardcastle Internet Archive:

The Communist Party of Australia, October 1921
The Communist Party. Communists in a hurry, December 1921
The Collapse of Capitalism, February 1923
The Communists and the Labour Party alliance, March 1922
The Evolution of W. Gallacher, February 1923
Mass action or intelligent organisation, March 1923
Jingo Communists, October 1923
The Communist Wreckers, March 1924
The latest criticism of Karl Marx, March 1925
Should the Workers Fight for Russia?, April 1928
Should Socialists vote for Labour candidates?, September 1928
Russia: Land of High Profits, September 1930
International Organisation (Socialist-Communist Party of France), November 1930
The Socialist Party versus the New Party, July 1931
Capitalism's crises. Well-known Communist discovers Marx, February 1932
One for the Currency Cranks, November 1932
The Situation in Italy. Is Fascism Cracking?, March 1934
Pawns in Abyssinia, August 1935
Review of 'The British Communist Party' by L.J. Macfarlane, June 1966
Review of 'Marxist Economics' by E. Mandel, April 1967
Capitalism in Eastern Europe, October 1969
[Thanks to Adam Buick]


13 January 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

John Holloway & Alex Callinicos: Can we change the world without taking power? (2005) (debate) (No. 2:106)
Stathis Kouvélakis: France – the triumph of the political (2005) (No. 2:108)
Stefan Bornost: Germany – the rise of the left (2005) (No. 2:108)
Pepijn Brandon: A note on the Dutch referendum (2005) (No. 2:108)
Jane Hardy & Andy Zebrowski: Poland and the new Europe (2005) (No. 2:108)
Colin Barker: The rise of Solidarnosc (2005) (No. 2:108)
Ian Taylor: Respect – the view from below (interview) (2005) (No. 2:108)
Mike Gonzalez: Bolivia – the rising of the people (2005) (No. 2:108)
Paulo Trinidade, Rui Polly & Sérgio Dominguez: The left and the crisis of the Lula government (2005) (No. 2:108)
Alex Callinicos: Imperialism and global political economy (2005) (No. 2:108)
Irfan Habib: Critical notes on Edward Said (2005)(No. 2:108)
Ian Birchall: Pierre Broué – A rare combination (2005) (No. 2:108)
Neil Davidson: When history failed to turn (book review) (2005) (No. 2:108)
August Nimtz: Winning and losing (book review) (2005) (No. 2:108)
Judy Cox: Putting Marx back in the picture (book review) (2005) (No. 2:108)
Anne Alexander: Mujahideen on mopeds (book review) (2005) (No. 2:108)
Gareth Jenkins: Engaging culture (book review) (2005) (No. 2:108)
John Newsinger: An inferior brew (book review) (2005) (No. 2:108)
James Woodcock: Transport and climate change (2005) (No. 2:108)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website – and a special thank you to Camilla Royle and Christian Høgsbjerg]


13 January 2017: Added to the Swedish Ernest Mandel Internet Archive:

The Arms Race and the Problems of the Peace Movement in Europe (1985)
[Thanks to Martin Fahlgren]


13 January 2017: Added to the Lynn Beaton Archive:

An archive of documents of the ACTU Working Women's Centre, 1975-1985

Should Unions be Concerned about Child Care?, October 1975
Should Unions be Concerned about Migrant Women Workers?, November 1975
Do Women Really Get Equal Pay?, February 1976
Do Women have Equal Opportunities in Employment, April 1976
Should Unions Support a Mother's Wage?, May 1976
Alternative Working Hours, June 1976
Training and Retraining, July 1976
Occupational Health, August 1976
Unemployment, September 1976
Women and Shiftwork, October 1976
Work Experience, November 1976
Occupational Health Hazards for Women Workers, December 1976
Migrant Workers and their Health, April 1977
Outworkers and Homeworkers, May 1977
Women and Retirement: Superannuation, June 1977
Child Care: An Important Industrial Issue, July 1977
New Patterns for Industrial Democracy for Women, August 1977
Women, Work and Technological Change, October 1977
Trade Union Training for Women, November 1977
Is there a need for Health Service for Women at the Workplace?, December 1977
Married Women Working, February 1978
Unemployment: Disadvantaged Youth (Emphasis on Women), March 1978
Women in Skilled Trades, April 1978
Current Developments in Part-Time Work, May 1978
Attitudes to Payment by Results, July 1978
Occupational Health: Stress, Job Dissatisfaction and Mental Health, August 1978
Anti-Descrimination Legislation, October/November 1978
"Life Must Go on - I forget Just Why?" Special Problems for Older Women, October/November 1978
The Disabled Woman Worker, December 1978
Occupational Health: The Disabled Woman Worker, January 1979
Women and Stress in Industry, February/March 1979
Parental and Family Leave, May 1979
Hidden Unemployment, November 1979
Bulletin 1980/1, Safety, Health and Workers' Compensation, March 1980
Bulletin 1980/2, Technology and Employment: Women's Job Displacement, May 1980
Bulletin 1980/3, Child Care: An Industrial Issue, July 1980
Bulletin 1980/4, Sexual Harassment: An Industrial Responsibility, August 1980
Bulletin 1980/5, New Perspectives on Part-Time Work, November 1980
Bulletin 1981/1, Equal Pay: A Long Way from Reality, February 1981
Bulletin 1981/2, The Effects of the Razor Gang on Women's Employment, June 1981
Bulletin 1981/3, The History of Women in the Australian Trade Union Movement, October 1981
Bulletin 1981/4, Review of Women's Employment, December 1981
Bulletin 1984/1, Child Care: The Industrial Issues, May 1984
Bulletin 1984/2, Employer and Union Attitudes Towards the Reversal of Male and Female Work Roles, May 1984
Bulletin 1985/1, Unionising Workers in Children's Services, July 1985
Equal Pay Manual Submission to Conciliation and Arbitration Commission, ACTU Working Women's Centre, 1986
[Thanks to Andy Blunden]


12 January 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Jim Wolfreys: How France’s referendum caught fire (2005) (No. 2:107)
Dragan Plavsic: Manufactured revolutions? (2005) (No. 2:107)
Gavin Capps: Redesigning the debt trap (2005) (No. 2:107)
Charlie Kimber: Aid, governance and exploitation (2005) (No. 2:107)
Peter Dwyer: Africa – ‘There is fire here’, by (2005) (No. 2:107)
Who are the Commission for Africa? (2005) (No. 2:107)
Jacob Middleton: Trading on poverty (2005)(No. 2:107)
Paul McGarr: Capitalism and climate change (2005) (No. 2:107)
Ian Birchall: Sartre’s century, by (2005) (No. 2:107)
Claudio Katz: Latin America’s new ‘left’ governments (2005) (No. 2:107)
Simon Gilbert: China’s strike wave (2005) (No. 2:107)
Mike Haynes & Megan Trudell: Rediscovering the revolution (2005) (book review) (No. 2:107)
Hassan Mahamdallie: More than the mosque (2005) (book review) (No. 2:107)
Mike Haynes: It can’t stop Blair (book review) (2005) (No. 2:107)
Hazel Croft: Pioneer of liberation (2005) (book review)(No. 2:107)
Dragan Plavsic: From markets to massacres (2005) (book review) (No. 2:107)
Helen Salmon: Digging the wrong way (2005) (book review) (No. 2:105)
Tony Staunton Picking up the pieces (2005) (book review) (No. 2:107)
Esther Leslie: Novel insights (2005) (book review) (No. 2:107)
John Newsinger A fighter who got lost (2005) (book review) (No. 2:107)
Gavin Capps: The new debt trap finalised (2005) (No. 2:107)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


12 January 2017: Added to the Chris Harman Archive:

Booms, slumps and theory (2005) (book review)
This quarter’s selection (2005) (magazine review)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


9 January 2017: Added to the International Press Correspondence are dozens of issues from 1928. Produced by the Communist International from 1912 through 1938, it was a press service offered to workers and communist newspapers and journals around the world. Published in English, French, German and Russian it was produced, at various times, in Berlin, Vienna, and London. Presented here are about 50 issues from 1928.
[Thanks to the Riazanov Library Project for the scanning and the Holt Labor Library for providing the hard copies]


9 January 2017: Added to the Eugene V. Debs Internet Archive are approx.. 30 new writings from 1877 to 1904. All short essays showing his evolution from railway populist to revolutionary socialist. This will be part of a much larger publishing project to be announced here.
[Thanks to Tim Davenport]


9 January 2017: Added to the Antoinette Konikow Archive are the 1923, 1928 and 1933 editions of her ground breaking pamphlet on Birth Control, distributed by the early birth control movement including Margaret Sanger. Konikow was an early member of the Communist Party. She organized the first Trotskyist group in the United States, the International Communist League, though she was better known for advocacy of women's health and women's rights.
[Thanks to Riazanov Library Project]


8 January 2017: We start the Archivo Zija Xholi, in the Spanish-language section, with:

La revolución socialista: El único camino del progreso social (1977)
La cultura nacional y su contenido (1982)
La R.P.S. de Albania: Estado de Dictadura del Proletariado (1984)
[Thanks to Critica Marxista-Leninista, and to Juan Fajardo]


8 January 2017: The Spanish-language section starts the Archivo Hysni Kapo, with:

Sin luchar y romper con el imperialismo, el oportunismo y el revisionismo, la causa de la revolución no puede ser llevada hacia adelante (1977)
[Thanks to Tiempos Rojos]


8 January 2017: Added, to the Spanish-language section's Archivo Karl Kautsky:

Oro, papel, moneda y mercancía (1912)
[Thanks to Daniel Gaido and to "En Defensa del Marxismo" magazine]


8 January 2017:  The Spanish-language section starts its Archivo Rudolf Hilferding, with:

Dinero y mercancías (1912)
[Thanks to Daniel Gaido and to "En Defensa del Marxismo" magazine]


8 January 2017: The Spanish-language section starts a subject archive on the Paris Commune, with:

Federación Revolucionaria de las Comunas - 1ra Comuna de Lyon (1870)
Discurso de Carlos Beslay (1871)
[Thanks to Grupo Germinal and to Edicions Internacionals Sedov]


7 January 2017: The The Spanish-language section has added the following to the Archivo Leon Trotsky:

"Su moral y la nuestra" (1939)
Discurso en los talleres ferroviarios (1920)
Decreto 220 (1920)
[Thanks to Rodrigo Cisterna]


6 January 2017: Added to the Antonio Gramsci Archive:

The Vatican, 1924
[Thanks to Ben W]


4 January 2017: Added to the Haiti History Archive:

King Henri Christophe, 1811
[Thanks to Mitchell Abidor]


3 January 2017: Added to the Alive[Canadian anti-Imperialist culture magazine] Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Alive 125 Creates A Stir [on the defeat of the Edward Pickersgill faction]
Alive Production Collective Editorial: A New Flowering of Alive’s Anti-Imperialist Spirit and Determination [more on the defeat of the Edward Pickersgill faction]
Further to the Exposure of Edward Pickersgill in Alive 125: Disrupting Anti-Imperialist Cultural Work in Alive’s Pages
Developing Unity [on the founding of the U.S. League of Revolutionary Struggle (M-L)
[Thanks to the EROL team]


2 January 2017: Added, to the Spanish-language Archivo Karl Kautsky:

La doctrina socialista (1899)
[Thanks to Daniel Gaido]


2 January 2017: Added to the International Socialism Archive – 2nd Series (2003–2016):

Anne Alexander & Simon Assaf: The elections and the resistance in Iraq (2005) (No. 2:106)
Egypt: the pressures build up (interview) (2005) (No. 2:106)
Jane Hardy: The changing structure of the British economy (2005) (No. 2:106)
Jacob Middleton: The working class (2005) (No. 2:106)
Terry Wrigley: Blair’s vision for education: business, business, business (2005) (No. 2:106)
Alex Law & Gerry Mooney: Urban landscapes (2005) (No. 2:106)
Charlie Kimber: Labour’s organic crisis (2005) (No. 2:106)
Respect – the record so far (2005)(No. 2:106)
Mike Gonzalez: Looking for an alternative (2005)(No. 2:106)
Roland Denis: Venezuela – inside the Bolivarian revolution (2005) (No. 2:106)
Fernando Lizárraga: Che and the socialist tradition – a reply to Mike Gonzalez (2005) (No. 2:106)
John Molyneux: Emin matters (2005) (No. 2:106)
Esme Choonara: Cities in revolt (2005) (book review) (No. 2:106)
Kieran Allen: Militant Dubliners (2005) (book review)(No. 2:106)
Andy Durgan: Barcelona class war, by (2005) (book review) (No. 2:106)
Angus Calder: More than Culloden (2005) (book review) (No. 2:106)
John Game: Caught in a trap (2005) (book review)(No. 2:106)
John Rose: The other Moses (2005) (book review) (No. 2:106)
James Woodcock: I’m all lost in the supermarket (2005) (No. 2:106)
Judy Cox: Where Capital came from (2005) (book review) (No. 2:105)
Daphne Lawless: Feedback – A question of perspective (2005) (No. 2:106)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialism Website]


2 January 2016: Added to the Spanish-language Leon Trotsky archive:

La actitud frente a los decistas (1928)
La crisis del bloque centroderecha (1928)
Nuestras divergencias con el bloque decista (1928)
La ley de los zigzags sigue en vigor (1928)
¿Socialismo en un solo país? (1934)
[Thanks to Grupo Germinal and to Edicions Internacionals Sedov]


2 January 2017: Added to the Spanish-language Archivo V. I. Lenin:

Vols. 25, 26, and 27 of Obras Completas (1976-77)
[Thanks to Ediciones Emancipación]



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