Encyclopedia of Marxism: C


Cabet, Étienne (1788-1856) Cabral, Amilcar (1924-1973)
Cadets (Constitutional Democrats) Cafiero, Carlo (1846-1892)
Call (Der Weckruf) Call (London 1916-1920)
Call (New York) Campbell, John Ross (1894-1969)
Canne Meijer, Henk (1890-1962) Cannon, James P. (1890-1974)
Cantor, Georg (1845 - 1918) Capital
Capitalism Cardenas, Lazaro (1895-1970)
Carey, Henry Charles (1793-1879) Carlson, Grace (1906-92)
Carlyle, Thomas (1795-1881) Carnap, Rudolph (1891 - 1970)
Carpenter, Edward (1844-1929) Castro, Fidel (b. 1927)
Casualisation Cato, Marcus (95-46 B.C.)
Caudwell, Christopher (1907-37) Causality, Linear, Expressive and Structural (Althusser)
Cause & Effect Cayan, Mahir (1945-1972)
CCCP Ceausescu, Nicolae (1918-1989)
Censorship Central Committee
Central Executive Committee Centralisation and Decentralisation
Centrism Cervetto Arrigo (1927-1995)
Ceylon Mercantile Union (CMU) Chaikovsky, N.V. (1850-1926)
Chalier, Joseph (1747-1793) Chamberlain, Austin (1863-1937)
Chamberlain, Joseph (1836-1914) Chamberlin, William Henry (1897-1969)
Chance & Necessity Chandrasiri, Somaweera (1909– 1971)
Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company Charles I [UK] (1600-1649)
Charles II [UK] (1630-1685) Charles Ruthenberg (1882-1927)
Charpentier, Fritz (1869–1928) . Chartists (Chartism)
Chatterji, Haradhan (1922-1951) Chauvinism
Cheka Chemism
Chemnitz Congress Chen Boda (Chen Po-ta) (1904-1989)
Chen Duxiu (Ch’en Tu-hsiu) (1879-1942) Chernov, Victor Mikhailovich (1876-1952)
Chernyenko, Konstantin (d. 1984) Chernyshevksy, Nikolai (1828-1889)
Chiang Kai-Shek (1887-1975) Chicherin, Georgi (1872-1936)
Chief Land Committee Chinese revolution of 1927
Chkheidze Group Chkheidze, Nikolai Semyonovich (1864-1926)
Chomsky, Noam (1928 - ) Churchill, Winston Spencer (1874-1965)
Circuits of Capital Citizen, Citoyen, Bürger
Citizens Alliance Civil Disobedience
Civil Rights Movement (U.S.) Civil Society
Civilisation Clarion (London 1891-1894)
Clarion (Manchester 1949-1960) Clark, Thomas (-1857)
Class Class Struggle, The (New York City 1917-1919)
Classification Clausewitz, General Carl von (1780-1831)
Clemenceau, Georges (1841-1929) Cliff, Tony (1917-2000)
Clynes, John (1869-1849) Coalition Provisional Government
Cognition Cohn, Oskar (1869-1934)
Cold War Collaboration
Cologne Communist Trial (1852) Combate (Portugal 1974-1978)
Combination / Combinatory (Althusser) Combined and Uneven Development, Law of
Command Economy Commercialisation
Commodification Commodity
Commonweal Communism
Communist (CPGB Weekly 1920-1923) Communist International (‘Old’ & ‘New’ Series 1919-1926)
Communist International (Comintern) Communist International, Congress of
Communist International, Dissolution Communist International, First Congress (March 2-6, 1919)
Communist Labor Party of America Communist League
Communist Party of Belorussia Communist Party of Estonia
Communist Party of Finland Communist Party of German Austria
Communist Party of Germany (KPD) Communist Party of Hungary
Communist Party of Latvia Communist Party of Lithuania
Communist Party of Russia: Extraordinary Seventh Congress Communist Party of Switzerland
Communist Party of the Netherlands Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Congress of
Communist Party of the Ukraine Communist Review (CPGB Monthly 1921-1924)
Communist Workers Party of Germany (KAPD) Communist Workers' Party of Poland
Communist, The (Series 1919-1921) Communists
Communitarianism Community
Company Company promotion scandals (Germany, 1870s)
Compromisers Comte, Auguste (1798 - 1857)
Concentration of capital Concept
Concrete and Abstract Labour Concrete-in-Thought / Real-Concrete (Althusser)
Condorcet, Marquis de Marie Jean (1743-1794) Conflict Resolution
Congress in Halle Congress Kingdom of Poland
Congress of Berlin Congress of Peasants Deputies
Congress of Peasants Deputies [04/13-17(26-30)/1917] Congress of Soviets
Congress Socialist Party (CSP) Conjuncture (Althusser)
Connolly, James (1868-1916) Conradi, Emilie (1822-1888)
Conradi, Johann Jakob (1821-1892) Consciousness
Consciousness (Althusser) Consensus Decision Making
Conservatism Constituent Assembly
Constituent Assembly (Russian) Constructivism
Consumer and Consumerism Contact Commission
Content and Form Continuity and Discontinuity
Contract Labour Contradiction
Contradiction (Althusser) Contradictions, Condensation, Displacement and Fusion of (Althusser)
Cook, Arthur J. (1885-1931) Cooray, Lionel D.
Copernicus, Nicolaus (1473 - 1543) Copyright
Corporation Corporatisation
Cossacks Council of People's Commissars (CPC)
Cracker Crane Walter (1845-1915)
Crawfurd, Helen (1877-1954) Credit
Cremer, W. R. (1838-1908) Creutzburg, August (1892–1940?) .
Crisis of Capitalism Crispien, Artur (1875–1946) .
Critique Croce, Benedetto (1866-1952)
Cromer, Evelyn Baring (Lord Cromer) (1847-1917) Cromwell, Oliver (1599-1658)
Cultural Revolution Cunhal, Álvaro (1913-2005)
Cuno, Theodor Friedrich (1847-1934) Cunow, Heinrich (1862 - 1936)
Curiel, Henri (1914-1978) Curzon, George Nathaniel (Lord Curzon) (1859-1925)
Customer Cycle of Reproduction
Czeckoslovak Insurrection of 1918