Dominican Republic 1965

Bolivian Trotskyists Call for Aid to Dominican People

Published: May 21, 1965;
Source: World Outlook, Vol. 3, No.20 p.14-15;
Transcribed: by Amaury Rodriguez, 2016.

Transcriber’s note: This article appeared in World Outlook published by Pierre Frank, Joseph Hansen and Reba Hansen, sympathizers of the United Secretarial of the Fourth International.

[The Bolivian Partido Obrero Revolucionario (Revolutionary Workers party) issued the following statement May 7. The translation is by World Outlook.]

The Partido Obrero Revolucionario [POR] strongly condemns and denounces the criminal invasion of the territory of the Dominican Republic and the intervention of Yankee imperialism in the internal affairs of that country.

The conduct of President Johnson and his plutocratic camarilla reveals the desperation felt in the imperialist citadel in face of the uncontainable advance of the world revolution. The victorious struggle of the masses on all continents has cornered imperialism, forcing it to take off the democratic mask and to show its true criminal, fascist face. Through force and the use of its Marines, the U.S. is trying to contain the world and Latin-American revolutionary process; but all it is succeeding in doing with its terrorist methods, is to dig the grave in which the Latin-American and world masses will bury it.

The invasion of Santo Domingo to prevent the masses from setting up their own government is a violation of the principles of independence and self-determination of peoples and a grave warning to all of Latin America and especially the socialist Cuba of Fidel Castro, Facing the loss of its domains in Africa and Asia, imperialism is desperately seeking to hang on to Latin America, resorting to violence and mass murder. But the fate of imperialist rule is already settled and no power can prevent its liquidation as a system of exploitation. The advancing revolution will sweep through all the obstacles raised in its path. The desperate attitude displayed today by imperialism in results from its fear of the masses, its weakness, its historic incapacity; it represents nothing but its death throes.

The Partido Obrero Revolucionario, in condemning the imperialist invasion, denounces and disavows the lackey Bolivian ambassador in the UN, Ortiz Sanz, [1] because of his declarations in favor of the U.S. as well as the treasonous, capitulatory policy of the foreign office of the Military Junta. The POR denies that the foreign office or its servant Ortiz Sanz has the right to speak in the name of the Bolivians. The majority in our country are with the people under attack in Santo Domingo and condemn the imperialist aggressor.

The Partido Obrero Revolucionario declares that the struggle of the people of Santo Domingo is the common cause of all the Latin-American masses against the common imperialist enemy. But it states that solidarity with the Dominican people must be more than verbal. To help the people of Santo Domingo as well as the people of Cuba and Vietnam, the workers and revolutionary militants must confront ignominious imperialism in our own country and throw it out. It is necessary to demonstrate in deeds our solidarity with the Dominican people, attacking and throwing out the imperialists, occupying and expropriating their holdings. The struggle against the common enemy requires opening new fronts of armed struggle.

Hemmed in by the revolution in all parts of the world, imperialism will go down without hope of recovery.

Down with the imperialist aggressor!
Long live the Dominican people!
Long live the developing world and Latin-American revolution!
For a workers and peasants government!
Long live the Partido Obrero Revolucionario!