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Socialist Review, December 1993

Ross Bradshaw


Don’t mention the war

From Socialist Review, No. 170, December 1993.
Copyright © Socialist Review.
Copied with thanks from the Socialist Review Archive.
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In October’s Socialist Review Chris Harman, while writing about the Falklands War, said ‘... it was only us and ten Labour MPs who were opposed to the Falklands War and it was Socialist Worker which was the opposition’. Really?

In Nottingham the group which organised a several hundred strong demonstration against the war, a daily tea time vigil and other activities was dominated by CND activists, Communist Party members and a local Women for Peace group. The SWP played a small but useful role in organising the leafleting of local hospitals, once.

I know from friends elsewhere in the country that in many towns CND members formed the bulk of many local committees. The pacifist Peace Pledge Union also produced excellent posters which were widely used and for the first time in many years mobilised their members nationally.

I have no doubt that the SWP was part of the opposition to the war and would never suggest otherwise, but for Chris Harman to suggest that it was ten MPs and the SWP alone who stood against the tide is reminiscent of those who rewrite history.


Ross Bradshaw

Chris Harman didn’t mean to give the impression that only us and ten Labour MPs opposed the Falklands War. He was stressing how little opposition there was from the parliamentary left.

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