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Socialist Review, December 1993

Alan Crabtree


Pat on Stack’s back

From Socialist Review, No. 170, December 1993.
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Socialist Review – November. I would like to make a point or three.

Strong Arm of the Law: the argument against banging up people (unless they are dangerous) is well made. In H.G. Wells’s History of Mr Polly the woman at the Potwell Inn says of Uncle Jim, ‘It was that reformatory ruined him.’

Pat Stack’s article re the fascists hit nails firmly on the head. I do not know if Trotsky actually said it, but a pal of mine did – ‘the only way to debate is to introduce his face to the pavement’.

On a lighter note, concerning Portillo’s Private Practice, Spike Milligan once said, ‘I used to have a practice in Harley Street but the police moved me on.’


Alan Crabtree
Isle of Man

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