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Socialist Review, December 1993

Seth Harman


In black and white

From Socialist Review, No. 170, December 1993.
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A time to kill
John Grisham
Arrow £4.99

John Grisham, author of the bestsellers The Firm and The Pelican Brief has had his first novel, A Time to Kill, republished. The book is a riveting read.

A Time to Kill is set in the deep south of America and the centre of the plot is the trial of a poor black, Carl Lee Hailey, who murders two white men in revenge for the rape of his daughter.

The strength of the book is its portrayal of the modern South, showing how the establishment uses racism to manipulate the political process and rig trials. The book covers the complexity of life for blacks and whites. It shows that the law is simply a reflection of society and that mass direct action has an impact on the judicial process. Guess which of John Grisham’s books is not being made into a film?

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