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Dudley Edwards

(1906 – 1988)


Dudley Edwards – a front line class fighter, from Militant, 8 August 1986 (interview)

Dudley Edwards, by Bill North, from Militant, 22 July 1988 (obituary)


1948: The Last Stand of the Levellers – Burford May 13 1649 (pamphlet)

February 1974: Average Wage for Pensioners Now!

May 1974: Germany 1932 – On the Eve of Hitler’s Victory

February 1975: History of the Engineers

March 1975: Pensions – Act Now

October 1975: Discrediting the Socialist Idea

December 1975: AUEW – Why the Broad Left lost

September 1976: Nothing Less Than a Living Wage!

May 1977: Communist Party Must Analyse Past to See Future

1979: 1934 – How Trade Unionism Came to Pressed Steel (pamphlet)

May 1979: Make May Day the Workers’ Day

September 1979: Total National Strike Now Vital

March 1980: More Muscle for the ‘Workers’ Parliaments’

May 1980: Trades Councils – An Historic Role to Play

July 1980: We Need a Fighting Leadership!

May 1981: France – Celebrations in Paris

June 1981: Trades Councils Ireland Debate

Summer 1984: Proletarian Philosophers (book review)

Summer 1985: The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution (book review)

Autumn 1988: We Shall Not Starve in Silence (book review)

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