The Dreyfus Affair

Dreyfus’ Brother Denounces Esterhazy

Written: by Mathieu Dreyfus, 1897;
Source: E. de Haime, Les Faits Acquis a l’Histoire. Paris, Stock editeur, 1898;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2006.

November 16, 1897

Monsieur Minister:

The sole basis for the accusation leveled against my unfortunate brother in 1894 is a letter, unsigned, with no date, establishing that confidential military documents were delivered to an agent of a foreign power.

I have the honor of informing you that the author of that piece is M. Count Walsin-Esterhazy, commandant of the infantry, placed on inactive service because of temporary infirmities last spring.

The handwriting of Commandant Walsin-Esterhazy is identical to that of the piece. It will be simple for you, Monsieur Minister, to obtain the handwriting of that officer.

What is more, I am ready to show you where you can find letters from him of an incontestable authenticity and from a date prior to my brother’s arrest.

I cannot doubt, Monsieur Minister, that knowing the author of the treason for which my brother was condemned that you will promptly do him justice.

Please accept, Monsieur Minister, the homage of my profound respect.

Mathieu Dreyfus