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Communist Party of the USA
and Workers Party of America

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Earl Browder

Brief History of C.P.U.S.A.
Communist Party linked time-line page on the Early American Marxism site.

Trade Union Educational League:

The Railroaders’ Next Step 1921
The Bankruptcy of the American Labor Movement, 1922
A Fighting Union For The Needle Workers!, September 1926


Four letters of the Socialist Party's Left Wing on the eve of the split which formed the Communist Party:
Letter by John Reed and Ben Gitlow to the Labor Committee of the National Conference of the Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party, August 13, 1919
Reply by James P.Cannon to Reed and Gitlow, October 15th 1922
Reply by Stankowitz to Reed and Gitlow, August 19, 1919
Reply by L.E. Katterfeld to Reed, August 19, 1919

Workers (Communist) Party of America Statement on the Labor Party, October 15th 1922. Full PDF of the original pamphlet.
Report on International Labor Defense activities, Martin Abern, July 1928
On the Textile Situation, Arne Swabeck, July 1928
Report on the Mining Situation, Arne Swabeck, August 1928
Attack on the National Miners’ Union Convention, Martin Abern, September 1928

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Subject Archives on US Marxism

Early American Marxism (EAM) History Archive (1864-1946)
EAM Communist Party Document Download Page


William Z. Foster

Olgin, Moissaye 1878-1939
John Keracher 1880-1958
William Z. Foster 1881-1961
Louise Bryant 1885-1936
John Reed 1887-1920
James P. Cannon 1890-1974
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn 1890-1964
Jay Lovestone 1898-

US Government Policy

Cuban Missile Crisis
US Government Relations with the USSR


Workers World 1919, Kansas City, MO
The Communist 1919 – 1922 The name for at least 6 peridocals representing the different and competing factions inside the early Communist Party.
The Worker (1919 – 1920) Boston publication of New England communists.
The Toiler (1918 – 1920) Cleveland, OH. Covering the mid-west section of the CP
The Ohio Socialist (1918 – 1920). Similar to The Toiler list above it also represented the Left-Wing Socialists in Ohio transitioning into the Communist Party
The Daily Worker (1924 – 1956). The longest running publication of the Communist Party with the same name.
Southern Worker (1930 – 1937) Chattanooga, TN/Birmingham, AL
Western Worker (1932 – 1937)


International Pamphlets – Series A series of pamphlets published starting in 1930 running through 1937.
The Little Red Library Collection. Collection of pamphlets issues by the Communist Party or organizations that it controlled during the 1920s.
Trade Union Unity League
Trade Unity Educational League
International Labor Defense
The complete set of anti-Trotskyist pamplets issued by the CPUSA and WPA from the mid-1930s through the 1930s
See also The Daily Worker link above for more pamplets and documents.

Opposition Communist Periodicals

Various factions of the communist movement were organized and expelled from the CPUSA during the consolidation of Stalin’s rule in the USSR. These Oppositions were organized in support of various oppositions in the U.S.S.R itself, namely Leon Trotsky and Nikoli Bukharin. Here are are links to three of them:

The Militant (1928 – 1966) Representing the Communist League of America and supporters of the International Left Opposition founded by Leon Trotsky
The Revolutionary Age (1929-1932) Representing the Communist Party (Opposition), supporters of the International Communist Opposition (or Right Opposition) founded by N. Bukharin.
Workers Age the continuation of The Revolutionary Age under a different name.

Books by CPUSA Members

I Confess by Benjamin Gitlow, 1939 Digitized for archive.org by Jonathan Wright. Converted to black and white scans by Marty Goodman. 81MB.